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Our company has been dedicated to the making of customized leather cases for some time now and we are always trying to get ahead of the competition with getting our customers the newest models in record time. One of the best parts of Fortte is that we actually own our manufacturing facility and do not have to rely on a third party for our products | Read More »

Memorial Day Special at FORTTE CASES

Written on May 24th, 2013 by Fortteno shouts

Our special is back for Memorial Day, cases for all the latest smartphones and tablets

Mother’s Day Special from Fortte – 35% off

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EARTH DAY special

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Saint Valentine’s Special from Fortte Cases

Written on February 4th, 2013 by Fortteno shouts

Saint Valentine’s is back and so we are with 35% off on all our customized cases only at www.fortte.com

A wide selection of the new iPad mini, Samsung ATIV S, HTC Butterfly, HTC Droid DNA and many more.  Soon available the best selection of cases for the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10

Now you can create your own pouch to fit any Smartphone with a Protective Cover

Written on January 25th, 2013 by Fortteno shouts

At fortte we have manufactured cases on demand for a long time, clients would call or e-mail requesting specific sizes.  Many of them because they purchased an smartphone and some kind of protector for the screen or to avoid scratches or falls.

But then how do you carry the new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Samsung ATIV S, HTC Butterfly or any smartphone?, that is why we created a solution that saves time and gives perfect fit.

The name is simple ‘Size your Case’, simply because you can Size yours online at anytime.

We have for all smartphones, even if you do not see them on the web you can still write us to support@fortte.com

Here is how this works:

Make your own case


Make your own case for your Otterbox (TM), InCase (TM) or any other brand

Black Friday is BLACK at fortte cases www.fortte.com

Written on November 22nd, 2012 by Fortteno shouts

The largest collection of designs and customized cases you can find online is on sale from November 22 – November 24 2012

Halloween Special at www.fortte.com

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Don´t miss the HALLOWEEN offer at Fortte!
Get 35% discount on selected items! Offer valid Oct 29th- Nov 5th!
Coupon: HALL12


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Fortte Leather Color Collections

Written on October 9th, 2012 by Fortteno shouts

At Fortte you can find a huge variety of models, clips, embossing options, but my favorite thing to play with are colors!

Patent Leather collection. It combines the beautiful characteristics of many of the other collections in one. It has vibrant colors that inspire confidence and make your case an extension of your personality and elegant taste! The Sangria Red is just Delicious!!

The New Life Collection, that presents you vibrant combinations of sassy colors such as the perfect banana, kiwi mint, sunset and more, that can cheer up anyone on a gloomy day!

The Classic Collection, as you already probably decipher from the name, offers a variety of colors and textures that are perfect for an elegant professional look. At Fortte we make sure that a classic look doesn’t take away all your coolness!

The Sonora color Collection is composed of 2 options: Natural Mustard and Old Fashioned Chocolate. Both of them of exquisite tone and texture. If you are looking for a gift both these options are perfect!

Tamponato color Collection It simply screams glamour, with a unique natural tan. Very delicate but it is simply fantastic! 

Metallic Color Collection. This collection was created to give a voice to all the people that always stand out and don’t want to lose that with a regular case. For you, that has to have some glitter in your life, this is your case!