Leather Case for Nexus One

Written on April 5th, 2010 by Fortte


Fortte now offers you several cases for your Nexus One……all of the cases look pretty amazing and the fit is like no other….nothing generic about these cases. http://www.fortte.com/364/Google-Nexus-One-leather-case/

The one in the picture is the Dual Design….a handy case that fits like a glove…..it has the same look as those skins you can find at the mall but the great thing is that this one is made from 100% full grain leather, smells great, and the look really says it all.

This case comes with the protective flap that is completely removable and makes storage and traveling a piece of cake…. You pay the price for 1 case but actually get 2 great looks.

We will have a review up in the next couple of days that you can find on YouTube. ………..Before I forget, you can use our coupon for 30% off…….use this code (¬†easter10 )

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