Samsung Galaxy Note  SGH-I717  AT&T 

We have created a set of new cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note, we believe that each individual new design deserves equal attention to the details.

Our clients have forwarded some feedback and as a result we create three new cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note and it is a probably the first intent to blend the eReaders with the SmartPhones in a medium sized gadget.

Here they are:

The Lander  

This design allows to blend the Book Style with the pivot to open and slide the cover, thus it is easy to draw, sketch or write.  Thin and stylish.

The Top Slider

A favorite to carry on the bag, handbag, briefcase or tote.

Easy to slide in and it has the auto-pull mechanism that allows easy access.

Protects the Samsung Galaxy Note keeping it clean and minimized the possibility of accidents.

The Side Slider

This design was created as a demand by mostly executives that need faster access to the Galaxy Note but still want protection.  Easy pull out.  Stylish and nothing replaces leather to protect the Galaxy Note.



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